Shakespeare Resources

Below are materials to assist you in our undertaking of Shakespeare this semester.

Full Text of Romeo and Juliet and assorted info

Romeo and Juliet text / Timeline by ActRJ Character Chart

Shakespearean Glossary

Elizabethan English Glossary

Notes on Romeo and Juliet broken down by Acts

R & J Act 1 notes / R_J_Act_2_Summary_Notes / R_J_Act_3_Summary_Notes / R_J_Act_4_Summary_Notes /R_J_Act_5_Summary_Notes

Modern Translation of Romeo and Juliet broken down by Acts

Romeo_and_Juliet_Act_1_Modern /Romeo_and_Juliet_Act_2_Modern / Romeo_and_Juliet_Act_3_Modern /Romeo_and_Juliet_Act_4_Modern / Romeo_and_Juliet_ACT_5_Modern